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To Support Children and Families in Kunduz

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Some of the amazing work that Save the Children does in Afghanistan

On Thursday, November 5th, Fatima Arabzada, a senior at Bucknell University, and a native of Afghanistan, spoke to the community about the recent resurgence of the Taliban in her home province of Kunduz. This invasion exhibited the first time that the Taliban had been able to terrorize and take control of a big city since September 11, 2001.

Thousands of children and their families have been displaced as a result of this invasion and have been left without access to basic necessities such as food and water. The ensuing 7.5 magnitude earthquake three weeks after the resurgence only exacerbated this issue. ATHENA, a Bucknell student organization dedicated to women's empowerment, wants to help Fatima in her efforts to bring aid to the children in her community.

Fatima and ATHENA chose Save the Children as our outlet to supply international aid because Fatima’s family has personal experience working with the organization in Kunduz. Save the Children has worked tirelessly in Afghanistan to provide Afghan children with a healthy start, the opportunity to learn and care when disaster strikes.
Please consider contributing to this cause to support the home community of one of our Bucknell students. Your help could go a long way in providing children and families the care they need during this crisis.

Follow this link to learn how Save the Children provides assistance in Afghanistan:
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