Our Founder: Eglantyne Jebb

Who Founded Save the Children?

If Eglantyne was still alive, August 25, 2017, would be her 141st birthday. Eglantyne has been called one of the world’s most charismatic, fiercely intelligent and influential champions of human rights. And the results of her inspiring vision prove it. Last year alone, Save the Children touched the lives of more than 157 million children from 120 countries around the globe, including 683,000 children in the United States.

You can honor Eglantyne, too. On Eglantyne’s birthday August 25--or any day this month — make a donation to Save the Children and make a difference in a child’s life.


As long as there have been children, there has been a need to protect the most vulnerable from the irreparable harm that illness, poverty, disaster and violence can cause. However, it wasn’t until 1919 that someone finally said “no more.”

That someone was Eglantyne Jebb, a British social reformer and former teacher who, as World War I was coming to an end, saw newspaper photographs of children starving in enemy countries like Germany and Austria because of Allied troops’ political blockades.

Eglantyne’s firey determination not to let people ignore what she believed was a violation of these children’s human rights led to her being arrested. She was found guilty and fined for her protest. However, the judge was so impressed with Eglantyne’s commitment to do whatever it takes to create a better world for these children, he offered to pay her fine. His money became the first donation to the international relief agency Eglantyne was working to found: Save the Children.

Watch her story:


There are still millions of more children living, and needlessly dying, in countries torn apart by conflict, and whose health and safety are at dire risk because of poverty, natural disaster, lack of education, and other forms of tragedy and inequality. Help us provide life-saving relief to children around the world.

Gift for malaria medicine

$23 will ensure that one child receives antibiotic amoxicillin to treat his or her life-threatening infection

Gift for malaria medicine

$30 will provide a hungry family with a flock of chickens, giving them the chance to help themselves

Gift for malaria medicine

$50 will provide one year of school, plus books and needed supplies, for two AIDS orphans

Gift for malaria medicine

$100 will provide lifesaving treatment to a child with pneumonia and the vaccine to prevent its recurrence

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Planned Giving on Eglantyne Jebb's Birthday

Planned Giving

Become a member of the Eglantyne Jebb Society by including Save the Children in your estate plan as a will beneficiary or through other forms of planned giving.

Share a School on Eglantyne Jebb's Birthday

Share a School

Save the Children contributes to partial and complete school construction or renovations then partners to train teachers and supply learning materials.

Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a Child

Provide a child with nutritious food, health care, education and so much more, all for less than $1 a day.

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