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Youth Service

You're a big deal. At least that's what the children in your neighborhood think. Make sure that your family and community are equipped to protect its littlest and most vulnerable citizens. Raise your voice, use your skills and together, we can help turn the tide and build a generation of prepared citizens.

Lead Get Ready Get Safe Prep Rally activities and events to help build community awareness and educate children and families about simple things they can do to stay safe in emergencies. Through these projects you can build valuable leadership experience while gaining community service hours that will make a real difference. Complete 10 or more service hours to receive a Save the Children Certificate.


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Prep Rally Service Opportunities

Interested? A Prep Rally doesn't have to be a large community event, but can be simple awareness-raising activities that fit into the events and programs that are already happening in your community—like an afterschool program, back-to-school night or safety fair.


Disaster Checklist Giveaway. Give families the tools they need to help make an emergency plan that meets the needs of children. Download the Family Disaster Checklist and set up a booth and hand out at a community event, back-to-school event or fair. Be creative with your booth. Share facts about why it's so important that we take action to protect children.

HOURS: Typically 1–3 hours per event.

Disaster Supplies Booth/Giveaway. Help families build their disaster supplies kit by giving out the Disaster Supplies Checklist at community events. Consider getting a donor to provide reusable bag giveaways, bottled water or other goods that could be used to start their kit.

HOURS: Typically 1–3 hours per event. Be sure to include the hours you spend coordinating with potential donors.

Preparedness Pledge Drive. Have children and families sign the Preparedness Pledge (online version). Make it more fun by setting a goal, entering signers into a raffle, or competing with another school or club.

HOURS: Typically 1–3 hours per event.

Be an Advocate. Research local and state emergency laws and policies and see how they protect children and account for children's needs. Write a letter to your local officials or governor asking them to do more for children in emergencies or thanking them for making children's needs in emergencies a priority. You can use Save the Children's Disaster Report Card as a state resource.

HOURS: 1–3 hours. Count your research and writing time.

Raise Your Voice. After using the Prep Rally Kit and training to get more familiar with children's needs in emergencies, write a letter to the editor of a local or state newspaper on the importance of protecting children in emergencies. Share what you're doing to prepare your community and ask others in your community to take action as well. You can find usually find editors' contact information online and submit letters through email.

HOURS: 1–2 hours. Count your writing time whether the letter is published or not.

Volunteer in a Classroom or Afterschool Program. Ask your favorite grammar school teacher if you can go into his classroom and lead a Prep Rally activity, like reading a few of our Story Sharing emergency-themed books (Booklist in Prep Rally Child Guide) with students or setting up a disaster supply relay race to teach kids about what should go in their disaster supplies kit.

HOURS: Typically 1–3 hours per event. Count your preparation time.

Create a New Prep Rally Game or Activity. Use the Prep Rally Kit to help you think of new, creative games or activities that could be part of your Prep Rally program. Try to think of activities that require few or easy-to-get supplies and that keep kids active and engaged while learning key concepts and key terms. Write up your activity including a description, supplies needed and instructions. Try out your activity with a few groups of children in your community and make any changes to your description. Share your activity with Save the Children by emailing your written document to

HOURS: 1–3 hours. Count your writing time and activity testing times.


Hold Prep Rally Fundraiser. Raise money to help children affected by U.S. disasters by holding a bake sale, hosting a talent show or hosting a race. Funds raised will help ensure that when disaster strikes, children and families will have the supplies they need to survive and programs to help communities bounce back quickly and build back stronger. Please contact for assistance in setting up your fundraiser.

HOURS: 2–5 hours. Count your planning and event time.

Make a Prep Rally PSA. Put that creativity to good use. Make a preparedness themed Public Service Announcement video. It can be about the importance of protecting children in emergencies or focus on a specific action such as what to put in a disasters supplies kit or how to choose good emergency contacts. Share this video with your networks via social media or school and community events. Consider getting a spokesperson (from your district or first responder community) to help you. Typically, PSA's are only 30–90 seconds. Share your creation with Save the Children.

HOURS: 3–7 hours. Count your planning, filming and editing time.

Organize a Small Prep Rally Event. Find a school, church or community center that's interested promoting emergency preparedness through a Prep Rally. Invite all the families that use that space. Print promotional flyers. Choose the activities and tools you want to use from the Prep Rally Kit. Don't forget to register your Prep Rally with Save the Children.

HOURS: 5–10 hours. Count your training, preparation and event time.


Help Organize a Large Community Prep Rally Event. Get in touch with local officials and emergency responders (firefighters, police, emergency medical services) to see if they will help organize and participate in a Prep Rally for your home town. Have each participant host a booth or present on different safety topics—like fire safety, stranger safety, and emergency preparedness. Ask local vendors if they are willing to donate prizes for raffles. Ask local restaurants if they're willing to donate food as part of a fundraiser. Set up and man different booths for each of the Prep Steps. Don't forget to register your Prep Rally with Save the Children.

HOURS: 7–15 hours, count your training, preparation, promotion and event time as well any community follow up.