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ICE Contact Card

In Case of Emergency (ICE) – Is your family prepared to reunite?

It can be difficult to reach loved ones when disaster strikes. Power goes out, cell towers go down and stress levels go up.

Stay connected. Make ICE Contact Cards for your children.

It’s easy and free.

Watch our quick how-to video and scroll down to make ICE Contact Cards now.

*Don’t worry, your child’s contact card information will not be stored anywhere. You will receive a secure PDF at the end of the process in your email and on the confirmation screen.*

Your Contact Information
Child's Information
Emergency Contacts
1st Emergency Contact

(Child’s primary caregiver, e.g. parent guardian)

2nd Emergency Contact

(Additional primary caregiver)

Out-of-Town Contact

(This important person can be a caregiver for your child in times of need and lives outside of a high risk disaster area, e.g. inland from flooding, outside tornado zone, etc…)